Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taylor Swift Too Much Overload

My God! Will Taylor Swift soon be on every channel and radio station? With her new album dropping this week she sure as hell is promoting it to death.

From the time she came out I wasn't really a fan. Very popish songs with a hint of country which are now about 100% pop. I find her songs to be very bland and she seems to constantly write about a "boy and a girl" shit constantly. Also, the songs of the girl with the broken heart. Yet, this woman dates guys with the zeal of a fat man at a buffet table. Now she is dating a Kennedy. Maybe they actually do have something in common.

Now, she has released four, yes, fucking four singles at once from this new album Red and all four have hit number one on iTunes. The four songs all sound a little different - you know, this way you get more people to at least like one song. Corporate music loves this packaging. They may all sound somewhat different, but guess what, they are all about love and relationships and relationships ending and new relationships and a relationship with a bad boy.

Yesterday, she was all over TV including Good Morning America and Live! with Kelly and Michael. Now today we get mini-concert with Taylor showcasing her new songs on Good Morning America.

Holy! Shit America, is this woman really that good? I really don't think she has the greatest singing voice. I heard better voices on Karaoke night at the local bar. He she a master musician? I mostly see her strumming that guitar. I wonder if the damn thing is even plugged in. The band probably hands her an acoustic and tells her, "Don't worry, they can hear your playing."

That fucking annoying songs "We are never ever getting back together" seems to pop up at least once and hour on the radio or the television. This is not a great song by ANY means. The dumbing down of America continues.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cosmetic Dentistry Costs

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost

Today, just about anyone can have a great smile for a low price. Cosmetic dentistry costs have come down greatly compared to a decade ago. Can you put a price on a great smile?

Some procedures in cosmetic dentistry include whitening, crowns, braces, implants, veneers, invisalign braces, The cost for these cosmetic dentistry can vary greatly and the costs may or may not be covered by a patients insurance. However, financing options may be available for those who qualify.

A full smile isn't something you have to put off anymore. All procedures for cosmetic dentistry are totally painless sedation can be done to put your mind at rest.

Good dental health isn't just about a having a great smile and healthy gums. Health professionals link good dental health to good overall health. Poor dental care has been linked to heart disease and stroke. Your cosmetic dentistryprocedure can benefit your longevity.

Whether you just need a good cleaning or tooth implants, avoiding the denstist due to cost or pain concerns is a thing of the past.

Cosmetic dentistry cost is no longer for the wealthy and practiced widely today. Don't let your oral health suffer any longer. Pick up the phone and give a local dentist a call today.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dumbing Down America Almost Complete

Yip! There is arsenic in your rice. Is that bad? I guess. It sure sounds bad. As NPR.com points out, "There are no federal limits for the amount of arsenic that's acceptable in food. So it's impossible to know if eating arsenic at these levels is a problem.".

Yet, we have laws about seat belts and cellphones. America is slowly dumbing itself down so slowly. We will actually be living in a world like Idiocracy. In no time at all we will be trying to grow plants with Gatorade and thinking smart people are "fags".

Just think of it. Why is it that often large families are so poor? If you don't have much money, how can you support a large number of kids. On the other hand, most people with common sense and an education, realize having children cost money and if they do have children, they may have 2 or 3 at the most.

Years ago, farming families had large families in order to survive and run the farm. These days, that is somewhat rare. Half the country eats junkfood these days and think McDonalds is the grocery store.

While I don't agree with limiting drinks to 16 onces, like they have don't in NYC, I never did understand how people could get a fountain drink that was 36 or 44 onces. Looking at someone holding such a large drink - in a paper cup, nonetheless, looked plain stupid to me.

I guess it all started with the government regulating tobacco. You might remember, the government supposedly got billions of dollars for healthcare due to all the uninformed people smoking. They needed that money to take care of the smokers. Well, that money went somewhere. No one is quite sure where. States then decided to really jack up the taxes on booze. They needed that money to help with all the alcoholics that would have medical problems and also "get them help".

Now the fat, obese are the target. Isn't it funny, the government comes up with these "ideas" and certain people say, "that's a great idea. that's no good for them". Then they turn around and they are a target for some new law that targets people's individual choices. Just a loss of more freedom.

Have you ever thought about the law making process? Well, everyday - ok, weekdays anyway - laws are being drawn up on a local, county, state, and national level. Right here in the good old USA. Keep in mind, you have so many government agencies that come up with their own laws that don't even have to pass a committee and you realize that is a lot of new laws. At what point does a free country become a unfree country.

The whole notion that we live in a free country and yet have only two major political parties is a joke. Why do people view politics like sports, "My party is right, your party is wrong", "Romney is going to crush Obama. Oh! Yeah! (<--High Fives guy next to him)" . This country slowly just gets worse by the year. We will probably be living in mud huts within 30 years.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Libya The New Honeymoon Hotspot

Take your wife off roadin in Libya. Shoot machine guns too.
Hey! Looking for a place to take your new wife, the honeymoon you both will never forget? Well, why not take her to Libya?

That's right! Newly free and in the news lately, Libya is a place full of energy and excitement. Take a camel ride, sleep in the desert, or try a city cafe. You and your wife will be walking around in love and with smiles on your face.

Remember, vacationing in Beirut is so 80s. Now is the time to show your wife excitement before the two of you settle in for a boring life in the suburbs and driving a Volvo wagon.

You won't be the first American to find Libya to be so inviting and friendly.
Libya. Where all Americans Vacation.